Mr. Ryutaro Hashimoto, former Prime Minister, to Visit Egypt and the UAE

July 13, 2005

  1. Mr. Ryutaro Hashimoto, former Prime Minister, will visit Egypt and the United Arab Emirates from July 14 (Thu) to 20 (Wed).
  2. In Egypt, Mr. Hashimoto will inspect the fourth training session (July 1 - 27) of Japan-Egypt Joint Medical Technical Cooperation for Iraq, whose opening ceremony Mr. Hashimoto attended in March 2004, and will have talks with trainees. He also plans to meet also with the Egyptian government officials concerned.
  3. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mr. Hashimoto will, as a special envoy of the Prime Minister, exchange views with leaders of the UAE on bilateral relations. Mr. Takayoshi Taniguchi, Member of the House of Representatives and Secretary General of the Japan-UAE Parliamentary Friendship League, will accompany Mr. Hashimoto in the United Arab Emirates.

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