Mr. Katsutoshi Kaneda, Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, to Visit the Republic of Korea

December 1, 2005

  1. Mr. Katsutoshi Kaneda, Senior-Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, will visit the Republic of Korea from December 6 (Tue) to 8 (Thu) to attend the closing ceremony of the "Japan-Korea Friendship Year 2005."
  2. Mr. Kaneda will attend the reception at the finale of the "Japan-Korea Friendship Year 2005" to be held in Seoul on December 7 (Wed). Members of the executive committee on the Japanese side (chaired by Mr. Ikuo Hirayama) and the advisory committee on the Korean side (chaired by Mr. Choi Sang-yong, former Korean Ambassador to Japan) will also attend the reception.
  3. Taking the opportunity of this visit, Mr. Kaneda intends to exchange views with leading figures of the R.O.K. Government, and the arrangements are in the process of being scheduled.

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