The Fifth Japan-Tunisia Joint Committee Meeting

June 17, 2003

  1. The Fifth Japan-Tunisia Joint Committee Meeting will be held on June 18(Wed) in Tunis.

  2. The meeting will be attended on the Japanese side by Mr. Hitoshi Tanaka, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, and others; and on the Tunisian side by Mrs. Saida Chtioui, Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and others.

  3. At the meeting, views and information will be exchanged on bilateral relations in general, as well as on the international situation including Asia and the Middle East.

  4. This meeting will be the fifth of its kind since the first was held in December 1985 in Tunis, Tunisia; the second in March 1989 in Tokyo; the third in October 1994 in Tunis; and the fourth in June 1998 in Tokyo.

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