"Symposium on the Brazilian Community in Japan"

February 5, 2003

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold a "Symposium on the Brazilian Community" on February 18 (Tue) in Tokyo (Japan Institute of Labour Hall).

  2. Participating in the Symposium from the Japanese side will be academics and others from the ministries concerned (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), local governments and NGOs (non-governmental organizations), and from the Brazilian side, relevant staff members from the Embassy of Brazil in Japan, academics and others from the Brazilian community in Japan.

  3. This Symposium is being held because the number of Brazilians in Japan (approx. 270,000 persons), mainly Japanese-Brazilians, has been increasing rapidly in recent years on a scale following only that of South and North Koreans and Chinese residents in Japan. Ms. Shinako Tsuchiya, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs, will address the Symposium at the opening, and there will be a wide-ranging exchange of opinions on various issues confronting Brazilian residents in Japan, in terms of work, social security, children's education, immigration control and alien registration.

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