Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Shigeo Uetake to Visit Pacific Islands

August 12, 2002

  1. Mr. Shigeo Uetake, Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, will visit the Republic of the Fiji Islands and Papua New Guinea from August 17 (Sat) to 25 (Sun).

  2. Mr. Uetake will attend the 14th Post-Forum Dialogue of the Pacific Islands Forum to be held on August 20 in Fiji as Head of the representatives of the Government of Japan, to discuss the matters of common concern to Japan and Pacific island countries, such as politics, economy and environment. Mr. Uetake will also have separate talks with leaders of Pacific island countries and others who are attending the Forum, to discuss strengthening the partnership between Japan and those countries.

  3. In Papua New Guinea, Mr. Uetake will meet with the officials of that nation's new Government, who have been elected recently, for the first time as a representative of the Government of Japan. In addition, he will visit some other places including the memorial to the war dead in Rabaul.

  4. In April 2000, Japan invited leaders and cabinet members from the PIF member countries and related regions to the Pacific island's Leaders Meeting (PALM 2000) chaired by the then Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, and there expressed its will to develop active diplomacy with Pacific island countries, and actively has worked for the follow-up.
        The PIF member countries and related regions highly appreciate the Japan's initiative. The attendance of Senior Vice-Minister Uetake to the Post-Forum Dialogue has a significant meaning in further enhancing the friendly and cooperative relationship between Japan and the Pacific island countries.

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