Symposium on Japan's Assistance to Afghanistan

April 18, 2002

  1. The Symposium on Japan's Assistance to Afghanistan, co-sponsored by the Foreign Ministry of Japan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),other site will be held on April 25 (Thu) at United Nations University in Tokyo.other site

  2. The symposium will be attended by Mr. Seiken Sugiura, Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Akiko Yuge, Director of the Tokyo Office of the UNDP, as well as representatives and intellectuals from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), U.N. agencies and others.

  3. At the symposium, the participants will exchange opinions on the agenda of the "Current Situation and Issues of Japan's Policy on Supporting Afghanistan", reflecting the results of missions dispatched by the Government of Japan and the current situation of support activities.

  4. The Government of Japan hopes that the symposium will provide an opportunity for frank discussions and produce fruitful results which will be reflected on future support activities for Afghanistan.

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