Visit by Senior-Vice Minister Seiken Sugiura to Pakistan

September 22, 2001

  1. Senior-Vice Minister Seiken Sugiura will visit Pakistan from September 25 to September 28.

  2. Senior-Vice Minister Sugiura will carry a letter from Prime Minister Koizumi to President Musharaff and will have meetings with leaders of the Pakistani government. In those meetings, he will express Japan's support for Pakistan's cooperation with the international community in its combat against terrorism, following the terrorist attacks in the U.S. Senior-Vice Minister Sugiura will also explain the contents of Japan's emergency economic assistance to Pakistan. This assistance constitutes one of the measures to be taken in response to the terrorist attacks, that were announced by Prime Minister Koizumi on September 19.


Visit by Senior Vice-Minister Seiken Sugiura to Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Results and Outline) (September 27, 2001)

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