Invitation to Political Groups of Afghanistan

March 10, 2000

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to invite influential political groups of Afghanistan from March 9 (Thu) to 19 (Sun) to Japan, with a view to promoting the realization of continuing peace in Afghanistan.

  2. Japan has supported and supplemented UN activities for the restoration of peace and humanitarian purposes from a neutral point of view, in Afghanistan. Through this invitation, Japan intends to discuss with the Taliban and anti-Taliban factions respectively wide-ranging themes, including preservation of the cultural heritages and matters of concern (human rights, terrorism, etc.), with the focus on the issue of peace in Afghanistan, as well as to convey Japan's points of view and concern. In addition, Japan will hear from and exchange views with the secretary of the former king of Afghanistan about the peace initiative of Afghanistan taken by the former king.

  3. Taking account of the particularly high interest among Japanese people in the preservation of the cultural heritages of Afghanistan, a forum of discussions will be arranged for this issue with the participation of some intellectuals. The preservation of the cultural heritages of Afghanistan is an urgent task, as these treasures have been destructed and ruined by the series of wars for many years.

  4. The purpose of this invitation is only to exchange views with each political group of Afghanistan, and by no means implies recognition of any political power in the country. With a view to the present situation in Afghanistan, the Taliban and anti-Taliban factions are not expected to meet face-to-face; instead, Japan will exchange opinions with each side separately.


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