Statement by the Press Secretary, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Japan, on measures by Israel on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

February 8, 2011

Japan welcomes the series of economic measures announced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Quartet Representative Tony Blair on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Japan hopes that based on this announcement, measures will be fully and promptly implemented for economic growth as well as for the improvement of the social and living conditions in the Palestinian territories, particularly the Gaza Strip. Japan will pay close attention to any developments surrounding this matter.

Japan also hopes that these measures will enhance the mutual trust between the Israeli and Palestinian sides, although they are not a substitute for negotiations for Middle East peace. Japan, for its part, calls upon both parties to exert further efforts for the resumption of peace negotiations.

    • (*This is a provisional translation. The above date denotes the date of the issue of the original press release in Japanese.)