Participation of Ambassador on Special Mission Aso in the inaugural ceremony of President of the Federative Republic of Brazil

January 4, 2011

  1. On January 1 (Sat.), Former Prime Minister Taro Aso attended the inaugural ceremony of President Dilma Vana Rousseff of the Federative Republic of Brazil as Ambassador on Special Mission, with high-level figures of other countries in the world, such as President García of the Republic of Peru, President Santos of the Republic of Colombia, President Chávez of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, President Piñera of the Republic of Chile, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of the United States of America.
    During the ceremony, after the oath to the Constitution, President Rousseff made an inauguration speech including high estimation to the government of former President Lula and priority issues, such as education, health, security, eradication of poverty, among others. Following the inaugural ceremony at the Congress, the ceremony of pass of the presidential sash from the outgoing President Lula to the incoming President Rousseff was held at the Presidential Palace. Wearing the sash, President Rousseff made her first speech to the people and inducted ministers. In the evening, she hosted a reception to foreign authorities at Itamaraty (Brazilian Ministry of External Relations).

  2. On January 2 (Sun.), Ambassador on Special Mission Aso had a meeting with President Rousseff for about 30 minutes from 13:20 (local time). He congratulated her inauguration and also discussed a new form of cooperation between two countries, for example, promotion of Integral Services Digital Broadcasting Terrestrial, ISDB-T system, so-called the Japanese-Brazilian system, and agricultural cooperation in Mozambique. The President recalled memories of the visit to Japan in 2008. She also expressed her appreciation for Mr. Aso’s effort, concerning the Agreement on Social Security, which originated in the request by the President as the then Chief of Staff of the Presidency of Brazil to Mr. Aso as the then Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party.

  3. On December 31 (Fri.), Ambassador on Special Mission Aso had a meeting with Minister of External Relations Amorin and the incoming Minister Patriota for about 30 minutes from 16:40 (local time), and exchanged opinions about good relationship of the two countries in terms of cooperation in bilateral issues and in international society, such as reform of UN Security Council.