Telephone Conversation between Mr. Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan, and H.E. Mr. Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

September 8, 2010

Mr. Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan, held a telephone conversation with H.E. Mr. Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, for about 10 minutes from 3:15 p.m. on September 8 (Wednesday). The summary of the conversation is as follows;

  1. At the outset, Prime Minister Kan expressed his gratitude to President Karzai and others involved for the effort to rescue and protect a Japanese, Mr. Kosuke Tsuneoka, who was kidnapped in Afghanistan on April 1, mentioning that Mr. Tsuneoka had safely returned to Japan on September 6 and that his family as well as the people of Japan were relieved with this news.
    In response, President Karzai stated that he was very happy to know of the victim's safe return and reunion with his family. The President also stated that not only the government of Afghanistan but the nation itself did all they could towards the victim's release, taking into account Japan's generous support provided so far to Afghanistan.

  2. Prime Minister Kan, after mentioning the importance of improving the security condition in Afghanistan, introduced
    1)      that Japan is now looking into possibilities to support the training of the Afghan police, in addition to the financial assistance that is already in implementation for salaries paid for all Afghan police officers,
    2)      that Japan had decided to disburse the contribution of 50 million dollars to the Peace and Reintegration Trust Fund, and
    3)      that the government of Japan had set up Team for Afghanistan Assistance in Cabinet Office and is considering on Japan's future assistance for Afghanistan. President Karzai responded by renewing his gratitude for the Japan's assistance for Afghanistan, and stated that the launch of the special team directly under Prime Minister Kan himself demonstrates Prime Minister's great interest in stability of Afghanistan.