Individual Sightseeing Visas for Chinese

May 18, 2010

  1. Group tours of Chinese citizens to Japan for sightseeing have been carried out since September 2000. To respond to requests for sightseeing with smaller groups of people as well as with more flexibility, visas have been issued to individual tourists who meet certain requirements since July 2009 (the trial period runs until June 2010). Based on such measures, sound human exchange has been developed between Japan and China.

  2. The Government of Japan’s “New Growth Strategy (Basic Policies)” aims to increase the number of foreign tourists to Japan by such measures as making it easier to obtain visas. Regarding visa applications for individual tourists, the following measures will be taken starting on July 1, 2010, along with improving visa examination systems at government offices overseas.
    (1) Relaxing “certain requirements” from “people with sufficient economic resources” to “people with certain occupational status or sufficient economic resources”
    (2) Expanding government offices where visa applications are taken (from three offices to seven offices [all offices in mainland China])
    (3) Increasing the number of agencies (from forty-eight companies to 290 companies)

  3. Further development of Japan-China human exchange in the field of tourism, especially for those Chinese who are middle managements executives at corporations or government agencies, is expected through these measures.

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