Japan Disaster Relief Rescue Team was awarded IEC “Heavy” classification

March 12, 2010

  1. From March 9 (Tue) to 12 (Fri) The Japan Disaster Relief Rescue Team underwent INSARAG External Classification (IEC) process from March 9 to 12, and it was awarded “Heavy” classification, which is the best of three ratings. IEC is, an UN external classification process to evaluate the operational capability and capacity of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams.

  2. The JDR Relief Team, comprised of approximately seventy members from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Police Agency, Fire and Disaster Management Agency, Japan Coast Guard and JICA underwent the observation through scenario-based exercise during non-stop 36 hours. This exercise were held at the Hyogo Prefectural Emergency Management and Training Center.

  3. The IEC aims for standardization of the organization and capacity of USAR teams and for efficient coordination of USAR teams deploying in the disaster-affected areas according to their classification. “Heavy” classification of the JDR Rescue Team will further promote their disaster relief activities.