The Creation of a “Visa for Medical Stay”

December 17, 2010

  1. The Cabinet of Japan decided to create a “Visa for Medical Stay” as one of its policies in June 2010 with the aim of achieving its strategies under the “New Growth Strategy” to promote Japanese medical services, such as medical check-ups and treatment for wealthy Asians in close linkage with tourism.

  2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan will launch its services for “Visa for Medical Stay” at Japanese Embassies and Consulates-General overseas starting in January 2011.

  3. Foreign nationals have been permitted to enter Japan with visas for short-term stay for the purpose of receiving medical services; however, the new “Visa for Medical Stay” is designed to be more convenient for foreign nationals wishing to visit Japan for medical purposes in consideration of humanitarian aspects.

  4. The new “Visa for Medical Stay” allows foreign nationals to stay in Japan for up to six consecutive months* with their family members and/or accompanying persons if necessary, if they wish to visit Japan for the purpose of receiving any type of medical services including advanced medical care as well as medical check-ups.  Foreign nationals could be issued multiple visas valid up to three years if necessary, when each visit to Japan is for the period less than ninety days.
    * “Visas for Medical Stay” valid for six months are only granted in case of individuals required to stay in a Japanese medical institution for more than 90 days for the purpose of medical treatment.

  5. The government of Japan expects that the newly established “Visa for Medical Stay” under the “New Growth Strategy” creates further opportunities for foreign nationals visiting Japan for medical services.

“Visa for Medical Stay”(PDF) 

The New Growth Strategy: Blueprint for Revitalizing Japan (Provisional Translation)


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