Assistance to the Palestinians for the Realization of Peace in the Middle East

November 30, 2010

  1. On November 26, the Government of Japan decided to extend the assistance to the Palestinians equivalent to approximately 23.46 million dollars for the realization of the peace in the Middle East.

  2. Japan supports a two-state solution in which Israel and a future independent Palestinian state live side by side in peace. Taking into account the serious humanitarian situation among the Palestinians, Japan decided to extend assistance for (1) supporting private companies for expanding job opportunities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, (2) supporting the people in the Gaza Strip suffering from severe economic and social situation, and (3) supporting the Palestinian refugees through UNRWA in health and education sectors.

  3. Japan hopes that this assistance will contribute to the resumption and advancement of the direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, which is currently suspended.  This assistance is part of the “100 million dollars of assistance to the Palestinians in fiscal year 2010”, which Prime Minister Kan confirmed with Prime Minister Fayyad of the Palestinian Authority on November 24.

  4. Japan supports a two-state solution whereby Israel and an independent Palestinian state will coexist.  From this point of view, Japan has worked on assisting the Palestinian people with humanitarian aid, assistance for the state-building efforts, confidence building, and enhancing economic self-sustainability as pillars.  The total amount of Japan’s assistance since 1993 exceeds 1.1 billion dollars.