Signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Co-operation Regarding the Establishment of the Japan-Arab Economic Forum

December 6, 2009

  1. On the evening of December 6 (Sun) at the Iikura House, Mr. Katsuya Okada, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Masayuki Naoshima, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, signed the Memorandum of Co-operation regarding the Establishment of the Japan-Arab Economic Forum with Mr. Amr Moussa, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States.
  2. This Memorandum of Co-operation provides for the establishment of the Japan-Arab Economic Forum which will be held between the Government of Japan and the League of Arab States with the goal of strengthening the mutual economic relations between Japan and the Arab region. It is expected that the establishment of this Forum will, with the cooperation of the public and the private sectors, advance the construction of mutual multi-layered relations in various fields, including trade, investment, energy, environment, scientific and technological research, and the development of human resources.
  3. The 1st meeting of the Japan-Arab Economic Forum will be held over the two-day period starting from December 7 (Mon) in Tokyo (Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzan-so). The 2nd meeting will be hosted by Tunisia in 2010.