The 3rd International MANGA Award

December 1, 2009

  1. The International MANGA Award, which was established in May 2007, received 303 entries this year from 55 countries and regions all over the world (Note 1). As a result of the recent screening, the winner of the third International MANGA Award was confirmed as follows

The International MANGA Award Gold Award (the best work)

Name of Work: SUPER DUNKER
Name of Artist: Jakraphan Huaypetch (TON JAKRAPHAN) (Thailand)

Silver Award (three excellent runners-up)

Name of Work: ZAYA (Belgium: Huang Jia Wei - Morvan - Dargaud Benelux)
Name of Artist: Huang Jia Wei (China) - Morvan (France)

Name of Work: Natty (Belgium: Melvil-Corveyran-Dargaud Benelux)
Name of Artist: Melvil - Corveyran (France)

Name of Work: Running on empty
Name of Artist: Kim Jea-eon (Republic of Korea)

(Note 1) The countries and regions of the artists in numerical order of entries are: China (30, including 4 from Hong Kong), Thailand (28), Brazil (17), Syria (14), Belgium (13), U.S. /Germany/Colombia (12 each), Argentina/El Salvador/U.K. (11 each), and others.

(Note 2) In addition to the four works above, five other works won prizes.

  1. On December 4 (Fri), an award presentation ceremony and a reception will be held at Iikura House. The winners will be presented with certificates and trophies by Mr. Katsuya Okada, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, and the committee members. The Japan Foundation will invite the winners to Japan for a 10-day visit including meetings with Japanese MANGA artists and visits to publishers and related facilities.

  2. For the 3rd International MANGA Award, a special prize has been established honoring "Contributions to promoting and spreading understanding of Japanese MANGA." The screening committee discussed and decided to award Mr. Frederik L. Schodt with this prize. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will invite him to Japan, and Minister Okada will present him with a certificate and a memorial at the award presentation ceremony.
    The International MANGA Award Special Award : Frederik L. Schodt (U.S.A.), nonfiction writer/translator 

(Reference 1) The 3rd International MANGA Award Executive Committee

Executive Committee Chairman: Mr. Katsuya Okada, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan

Committee Members: Mr. Kazuo Ogura, President of the Japan Foundation; Mr. Yasuki Hamano, Professor, The University of Tokyo; Mr. Osamu Kamei, Executive Director, Shogakukan Inc.; Mr. Kotaro Sugiyama; Director, Dentsu Inc.; Ms. Saya Shiraishi, Professor, The University of Tokyo

(Reference 2) Screening Committee

Screening Committee Chairmen: Mr. Machiko Satonaka (MANGA artist), Mr. Monkey・Punch (MANGA artist), Mr. Takao Yaguchi (MANGA artist), Mr. Teruo Miyahara (former MANGA magazine editor), Mr. Yoriaki Yakubo (former MANGA magazine editor)

(Reference 3) Trophy

Since the 1st International MANGA Award, the trophy has been designed by Mr. Taku Sato.

(Reference 4) The 2nd International MANGA Award

The International MANGA Award Gold Award (the best work)
Name of Work: Feel 100%, Name of Artist: Lau Wan Kit, China (Hong Kong)

Silver Award (three excellent runners-up)
Name of Work: Elapse, Name of Artist: Yin Chuan (China)
Name of Work: "Portrait," Name of Artist: Chezhina Svetlana Igorevna (Russia)
Name of Work: Okhéania 1, Name of Artist: Alice Picard (France)