Japan’s Additional Emergency Assistance to the Gaza Strip

January 23, 2009

  1. On January 23 (Fri), the Government of Japan decided to extend Emergency Grant Aid of a total of 7 million US dollars through UNICEF and WFP in response to the dire situation of the Gaza Strip.
  2. This assistance, following the emergency assistance of 3 million US dollars through UNRWA, is extended as part of the humanitarian emergency assistance of around 10 million US dollars which Prime Minister Mr. Taro Aso announced to President Dr. Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority on January 3.
  3. The details of the projects are as follows;
  4. (1) Emergency Assistance to the Severely Affected Children and Women in the Gaza Strip through UNICEF (3 million USD)

       Through this assistance, medicine, micro-nutrients, intensive care equipment, generators, safe drinking water and basic obstetric kits etc. will be provided for approximately 300,000 infants and children, and 50,000 women.

    (2) Emergency Food Aid through WFP (4 million USD)

       Through this aid, a thirty day per capita supply of food baskets containing rations (chick peas, wheat flour, sugar, salt etc), which will provide daily calorie needs (2,100 kcal/day), as well as 300 metric tons of canned meat (thirty days' supply) will be distributed to around 270,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.


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