Second International MANGA Award

August 26, 2008

  1. The International MANGA Award, which was established in May last year, received 368 entries this year from 46 countries and regions all over the world.  As a result of the recent screening, the winner of the second International MANGA Award was confirmed as follows:
  2. The International MANGA Award Gold Award (the best work)

    Name of Artist: Lau Wan Kit, China (Hong Kong), Name of Work: Feel 100%


    Silver Award (three excellent runners-up)

    Name of Artist: Yin Chuan (China), Name of Work: Elapse

    Name of Artist: Chezhina Svetlana Igorevna (Russia), Name of Work: “Portrait”

    Name of Artist: Alice Picard (France), Name of Work: Okhéania 1


    (Note 1) The countries and regions of the artists in numerical order of entries are: Indonesia 50, China (including Hong Kong 5) 39, Russia 27, U.S. 25, Brazil 22, France 16, Singapore and U.K. 14 each, Thailand 12, Malaysia and Myanmar 11 each, Saudi Arabia 10, Canada and Spain 9 each, and others.

    (Note 2) Twelve works were selected for the final decision.


  1. On September 2 (Tue), an award presentation ceremony and a reception will be held at Iikura House.  The winners will be presented by Mr. Komura, Minister for Foreign Affairs, with trophies designed by designer Taku Sato.  The Japan Foundation will invite the winners to Japan for a 10-day visit including the participation to the International MANGA Summit in Kyoto and meetings with Japanese MANGA artists.