Dispatch of Election Observation Mission for the National Assembly Election in Bhutan

March 19, 2008

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to dispatch an election observation mission from March 21 (Fri) to 26 (Wed) to support fair implementation of the National Assembly election to be held in Bhutan on March 24 (Mon). The Mission is comprised of three members and is headed by Mr. Takio Yamada, Political Minister of the Japanese Embassy in India (with jurisdiction over Bhutan).
  2. In Bhutan, the mission will oversee the voting and counting, hold talks with the Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan, high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others, and exchange views and information with other election observation missions.
  3. Upon the announcement by the Government of Bhutan to accept election observation missions from interested countries, Japan sends the mission to support the country's transition to a parliamentary democracy.

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