Emergency Aid to Ecuador for Torrential Rain Disaster

February 22, 2008

  1. On February 22 (Fri), the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency relief goods (tents, blankets and water tanks) worth approximately 13 million yen to Ecuador, which sustained a torrential rain disaster.
  2. Ecuador has been going through continual torrential rains since the middle of January, and President Rafael Correa Delgado declared a state of emergency for the entire country on February 20. According to the announcement by the Government of Ecuador on the 21st, four persons were dead and 216,000 persons evacuated. The scale of the damage is expected to increase as the situation becomes clearer.
     The evacuees are forced to live under difficult conditions in shelters, and the Government of Ecuador, while striving to recover from the damage by using their own resources, has requested emergency aid from the international community,
  3. In response to the request of the Government of Ecuador, the Government of Japan decided to provide this emergency aid from the humanitarian standpoint and in view of the friendly relations between Japan and Ecuador.