photo (Foreign Minister Nakasone)

Statement by Mr. Hirofumi Nakasone, Minister for Foreign Affairs,on Iraq’s Approval of Agreements with the United States

November 27, 2008

  1. The Government of Japan welcomes the approval by the Iraqi Council of Representatives on November 27 of bilateral agreements with the United States that, among others, stipulate the U.S. military presence from next year, expecting that the approval will contribute to the stability of Iraq. Japan hopes that the Government of Iraq will continue to develop Iraq into a democratic and stable nation, under the cooperation with the international community.
  2. Japan has actively contributed to the reconstruction of Iraq with the dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces and through Official Development Assistance (ODA) as the inseparable pair of Japan’s assistance.
  3. Japan will remain committed to assisting the reconstruction of Iraq and to strengthening the bilateral relations between Japan and Iraq and will continue to further strengthen the bilateral partnership between Japan and Iraq, through continuing assistances such as (1)implementing ODA loan projects, (2)technical cooperation (capacity building), and (3)strengthening economic and business relationship.

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