The 5th Iran -Japan Human Rights Dialogue

October 27, 2008

 The 5th Iran -Japan Human Rights Dialogue was held on October 26 in Teheran, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 The dialogue was led respectively by Mrs. Dr. Tahereh Nazari, Director General for Women International Affairs and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Mr. Shigeyuki Hiroki, Ambassador in charge of UN Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

 During the dialogue, both countries expressed their respective basic policies and the latest practices in the field of human rights, and explained the human rights situation in each country. Both countries further exchanged views, among others, on a possibility of bilateral cooperation towards further protection and promotion of human rights, including development of legal system, as well as cooperation in the field of human rights at the UN Human Rights Council and the UN General Assembly.

 In this round of dialogue, besides the official dialogue, a roundtable on women issues was also held, in which Iranian and Japanese scholars and experts presented recent developments and good practices on women’s situation in their respective countries.

 Both sides shared the view that this dialogue was very productive, and reached the consensus to continue the dialogue in the future.