photo (Foreign Minister Koumura)

Statement by Mr. Masahiko Koumura, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the Situation in Kenya

January 5, 2008

  1. I express deep concern at the situation in Kenya following the presidential election, in particular at the deaths of several hundred people. I strongly urge all political leaders and all the people of Kenya to refrain from acts of violence and to protect the human rights, the lives and safety of the Kenyan people as well as those of foreign nationals in Kenya.
  2. I call upon Kenya's political leaders immediately to begin talks towards national reconciliation so as to avoid further bloodshed and swiftly to restore order, by striving to overcome existing difficulties including issues concerning the tallying of the votes cast in the presidential election.
  3. Japan shall support and cooperate with international efforts at mediation for Kenya's stability and the normalization of its domestic political process, so as to avoid a regression in Kenya's democracy and its economic and social development.

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