Announcement of Assistance to the Palestinians by Mr. Taro Aso, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Exchange of Notes concerning Non-project Grant Aid to the Palestinian Authority

August 15, 2007

  1. On August 15(Wed), Mr. Taro Aso, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, announced a total of approximately 20 million US dollars of new package of assistance on the occasion of the visit to the Palestinian territories, namely (1) Non-project Grant Aid (approximately 11 million USD) as direct assistance to the Palestinian Authority, with a view to supporting President Abbas of the PA in his unwavering efforts for peace with Israel, (2) Humanitarian Assistance (approximately 9 million USD) to the Palestinians including those in the Gaza Strip through international organizations, with a view to alleviating serious humanitarian situation in the Palestinian territories, in particular in the Gaza Strip.
  2. Notes for the Non-project Grant Aid to the Palestinians announced were exchanged between Mr. Aso and Dr. Salam Fayyad, Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PA on the same day in Ramallah, in the West Bank of the Palestinian territories. This grant aid will be allocated for commodities to be purchased by the PA government to relieve economic difficulties, and it is expected to contribute to improving economic conditions in the Palestinian territories.
  3. Japan, in order to help achieve the Middle East peace through the realization of co-existence and co-prosperity between the two nations, Israel and Palestine, has been promoting political dialogues, confidence building and the concept of the “Corridor for Peace and Prosperity” as well as providing assistance to the Palestinians.