The 4th Japan-Iran Human Rights Dialogue

July 6, 2007

  1. In the afternoon of July 6 (Fri), the 4th Japan-Iran Human Rights Dialogue was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The Japanese participants were Mr. Masato Kitera, Ambassador in charge of U.N. Affairs, and Mr. Tetsuya Kimura, Director, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Iranian participants were Mrs. Dr. Tahereh Nazari, Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director General for International Women Affairs and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Judge Hakimi, Director-General for Head of Judiciary Office and Consultant of Supreme Court. This was the first dialogue on human rights in about three years since the previous dialogue was held in June 2004 in Teheran.
  2. During the dialogue, Japan and Iran expressed their respective basic policies on human rights issues.  The Iranian side explained the human rights situation and the measures taken towards the improvement on individual fields including women’s human rights issues and judicial reform. Both sides exchanged views on cooperation at the UN Human Rights Council, the UN General Assembly, and other fora. They also exchanged views on the possibility of future cooperation by taking into consideration results of the Legal and Judicial Development program which JICA has been implementing for Iran since FY2004.
  3. Both sides shared the view that this dialogue was very useful and that it contributed to further development of bilateral cooperative relations in the field of human rights, and reached the consensus to continue the dialogue in the future.