Entry into Force of the Japan-France Social Security Agreement

April 3, 2007

1.  The Governments of Japan and France finished on March 28 (Wed) the mutual notifications that are required in order to put “The Agreement between Japan and France on Social Security” (Japan-France Social Security Agreement, which was signed on February 25, 2005) into effect.  Therefore, the agreement will enter into force on June 1, 2007.

2.  Along with the entry into force, an act to implement the Agreement “on exceptional cases of the Employees’ Pension Insurance Act in implementing the Agreement between Japan and France on Social Security (2005 Act No.64)” and relevant government and ministry ordinances will come into effect on the day of its entry into force.  

3.  Currently, employees who are temporarily sent from Japan to France by Japanese corporations and others are obliged to affiliate to the pension systems and medical insurance systems of both countries, and pay both social security contributions.  It has also been an issue that employees who are temporarily sent from France to Japan by French corporations and others are ineligible to receive pensions, as their periods of coverage in the Japanese system fall short of the necessary duration.

  This agreement aims at solving these problems.  Those sent for a period of five years or less shall be in principle subject only to the pension system of the country from which they are sent.  It will also establish entitlement to benefits of those temporarily sent to the other country by adding together the periods of coverage in the systems of both countries.

4.  It is expected that the conclusion of this Agreement will reduce the burden imposed on the corporations and employees and further promote human and economic exchanges between Japan and France.