Dispatch of Election Observer Mission to Timor-Leste for Presidential Election

March 27, 2007

1.   On March 27 (Tue), the Government of Japan decided at its Cabinet meeting to dispatch an election observer mission comprising 14 members for about 10 days from early to mid April on the basis of the International Peace Cooperation Law with a view to assisting fair implementation of the presidential election to be slated for April 9 (Mon).

2.   In February this year, the United Nations Security Council adopted its resolution 1745 stipulating that the international community should assist Timor-Leste’s election process.  Under the policy of extending as much cooperation as possible to the country’s nation-building, the Government of Japan has extended it a variety of assistance, including the dispatch of civilian police officers to UNMIT and emergency grant aid for the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.  The dispatch of this mission is in line with the policy.

3.   The mission will include an official and a research fellow of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.