Return of Expert Team of Japan Disaster Relief Team (JDR) from the Republic of Korea

December 21, 2007

  1. Concerning the oil spill accident that took place on the west coast of the Republic of Korea in the morning of December 7, the Government of Japan, on December 14, decided to dispatch an expert team of Japan Disaster Relief team (JDR) to give advice on oil removal and control and other help, and to extend emergency relief goods (oil-absorbents) equivalent to about 30 million yen.
  2. The expert team arrived at the ROK on December 15, visited affected areas in Taean Peninsula, investigated the contamination, and gave advice to ROK authorities on how to remove and control spilled oil.  On December 19, with the cooperation of the National Maritime Police Agency, they investigated the affected areas from above by a helicopter.
  3. Japan’s emergency relief goods (oil-absorbents) were delivered to the Korean side --- 1.7 tons on December 19, 5.3 tons on 20, and 3 tons on 21, respectively.
  4. The expert team will continue their work till December 22 and come back to Japan on December 23.