Japan’s Emergency Assistance to improve the medical situation of the Palestinians

December 14, 2007

  1. On December 14 (Fri), the Government of Japan decided to extend Emergency Grant Aid of a total of approximately 10 million US dollars to UNDP in order to improve the medical situation of the Palestinians.
  2. The Middle East Peace Process is now facing a historical opportunity for achieving a peace, and Israel and the Palestinian Authority together with the international community are uniting their efforts for it. However, there is a grave concern over the financial crisis of the Palestinian Authority, which is said to be aggravated more seriously especially in 2008 and later. Japan decided, therefore, extend this Emergency Grant Aid for improving the medical situation of the Palestinians in order to support the Palestinian Authority which is making enormous efforts to promote the Peace Process.
  3. The details of the project are as follows;
  4. (1) Provision of medical equipment and ambulances to Qalqiliya Hospital and the other public medical health facilities in the West Bank.

    (2) Construction of additional floors for sickrooms and operation rooms in Jenin Hospital and Tulkarem Hospital and provision of beds.

  1. Japan, based on the recognition that the only way to achieve the Middle East peace is through the establishment of a Palestinian state which lives in co-existence and co-prosperity with Israel, will continue to actively support the efforts of the parties concerned with the peace process.