The Second Technical-Level Meeting of the Four-Party Consultative Unit for the Concept of the “Corridor for Peace and Prosperity”

October 26, 2007

  1. The second technical-level meeting of the Four-Party Consultative Unit for the concept of the “Corridor for Peace and Prosperity” was held on October 24(Wed) and 25(Thu) at the Dead Sea in Jordan with the participation of experts from Israel, Japan (headed by Mr. Shinsuke Sugiyama, Deputy Director-General of the Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau), Jordan and Palestine. This meeting was held based on the agreement reached at the ministerial-level meeting of the Four-Party Consultative Unit hosted by Japan in Jericho, the West Bank last August.
    The meeting was conducted in a frank and friendly atmosphere and the Four Parties had a constructive and detailed exchange of views on various issues related to the development of the concept based on the results of the first technical-level meeting held last June.
  2. The outcome of the meeting is as follows,
    • The Japanese side briefed the current status of this concept and results of the first phase of the Feasibility Study (F/S). Each of the Four Parties explained about its respective cooperation to be extended in order to facilitate producing, processing and exporting of agricultural products.
    • The Four Parties discussed potential role and function of Damiya (Prince Mohammad) Bridge in this concept, whose reconstruction had been agreed earlier.
    • The Four Parties decided on the site of the agro-industrial park and agreed to further discuss suitable access to and from the site.
    • The Four Parties agreed to start the second phase of the F/S early next year focusing on making a more detailed and concrete plan of the agro-industrial park.
    • The Four Parties agreed to establish a senior local consultative Unit in order to further discuss details of the projects on a regular basis, and agreed to hold the first meeting by the end of the year and report to the technical-level meeting.