Grant Aid to Mongolia for the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship

August 10, 2006

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to extend to the Government of Mongolia a grant aid for the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship up to 316 million yen. The signing ceremony of the grant aid was held in Ulaanbaatar City on Thursday 10 August after the meeting between Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of Japan and Mr. Miyeegombyn Enkhbold, Prime Minister of Mongolia. The Notes to this effect were exchanged between Mr. Yasuyoshi Ichihashi, Japanese Ambassador to Mongolia, and Mr. Nyamaa Enkhbold, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia. The ceremony was especially honoured by the presence of both countries' Prime Ministers, Mr. Koizumi and Mr. Enkhbold.

    The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship
    (for students to be selected in FY2006 and to start studying in Japan from FY2007)

     Amount: 316 million yen
          FY2006: 40 million yen
          FY2007: 138 million yen
          FY2008: 80 million yen
          FY2009: 58 million yen
  2. Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Mongolia has faced a worsening fiscal situation, the change of values caused by democratization, and economic disorder due to the shift to the market-oriented economy. Various issues in education sector have also arisen, for example, the lack of ability in the educational administration, underdeveloped infrastructure, the declining quality of teachers, less-developed vocational technical education, and lower late of primary school enrollment in rural areas. Under these circumstances, the Government of Mongolia attaches importance to education as the basis for national development, and put forward a Basic Policy of Educational Reform in 1997 in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of education. The Government of Mongolia also emphasizes policies related to education as important tasks, encouraging students to study in developed countries.

    In such situations, the Government of Mongolia, believing that studying abroad plays an important role in human resource development, has drawn up the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship, and has requested that the Government of Japan extend a grant aid for this project to be implemented.

    The project will cover the costs of scholarships for graduate-level degrees in Japan for twenty newly selected officials in administrative and other fields who will forge the future of the country.
  3. With this project, it is expected that these promising officials will contribute as leaders in each field to resolving various problems facing the country, and to strengthening the bonds of friendship and mutual cooperation between the two countries.

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