Japan's Assistance to the Palestinians on the Occasion of the Visit of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi

July 13, 2006

  1. On July 13 (Thu), Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of Japan, on the occasion of his visit to the Palestinian territories, announced Japan's assistance to the Palestinians, comprising assistance to President Mohmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, humanitarian assistance, and projects for mid and long-term regional development and cooperation.
  2. Assistance to Strengthen the Function of the Presidential Office

    In support of President Abbas in his unwavering resolve for peace through dialogue, Japan is extending a total of 3.1 million US dollars in assistance including an additional assistance of 1.6 million US dollars, which has been decided on this occasion, with a view to strengthening the function of the Presidential Office through, for example, reconstructing and furnishing, and also employing specialists.

  3. Emergency Assistance to Improve Medical Care, Public Health and Job Creation

    Assistance of a total of about 25 million US dollars will be extended to improve the worsened medical, hygienic and employment situation, by providing medicines and medical equipment, repairing medical and hygienic facilities, improving water supply, and creating jobs. The concrete projects are as follows:

    • (1) UNDP (Emergency Water Supply & Rehabilitation Programme in the Gaza Strip)
    • (2) UNDP (Improvement of Solid Waste Management in the West Bank)
    • (3) UNDP (Employment Generation Through Emergency Response to Solid Waste Management in the Gaza Strip)
    • (4) UNRWA (Emergency Health Project in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank)
    • (5) UNRWA (Public Health Improvement and Employment Generation Project in the West Bank)
    • (6) UNICEF (Improving the Control of Infectious Diseases and the Nutritional Standard of Palestinian Children and Preventing Inner Hospital Infection of Newborn Babies)
    • (7) Grass Roots and Human Security Grant Project (Project for Deploying a Mobile Clinic in Isolated Areas)

    These projects are expected to create jobs for about 340,000 working days (approximately 2,000 people/day for four months).

  4. Japan regards also as important mid- or long-term efforts (listed as follows) to generate hope for the peoples in the region for co-existence and co-prosperity.
    • (1) Japan proposes a concept called the "Corridor for Peace and Prosperity" which aims at creating a prosperous region through regional cooperation in the Jordan River rift valley.
    • (2) In the region centering on Jericho, placing much importance on the regional development of the area, Japan implements such programs as improvement of maternal and child health.
    • (3) Japan contributes two million US dollars for the feasibility study for the construction of a Red Sea - Dead Sea water conveyance to develop the Jordan River rift valley and to secure water resources.
  5. Since 1993, Japan has been actively extending assistance to the Palestinians to help them establish a Palestinian state that will co-exist and co-prosper with Israel. Japan will continue to assist the peace efforts of the parties concerned.

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