Statement by the Press Secretary/Director-General for Press and Public Relations on the Arrest of Persons concerned with Political Parties and Others in the Kingdom of Nepal

April 6, 2006

  1. Japan expresses its regret that members of political parties and civil society activists have been arrested in the Kingdom of Nepal.
  2. As these measures by the Government of Nepal suppress the free political expression of the people, Japan requests that no more arrests be made and those arrested be released as promptly as possible. Japan believes that political claims should be made peacefully and it is her hope that the forthcoming political protest rallies will be conducted in peace.
  3. For the restoration of peace and stability in Nepal, it is important for both the Government and the political parties to reach out to one another. Japan therefore calls anew on both sides to build mutual confidence and resume dialogue. Japan also strongly urges that the freedom guaranteed by the constitution will be restored promptly to that end.

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