Establishment of the Japan-China Economic Affairs Division

April 3, 2006

  1. The Japan-China Economic Affairs Division has been established inside the China and Mongolia Division, Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on April 1 (Sat).
  2. The influence of the Chinese economy on the international economy has been increasing in recent years due to its accession to the WTO and the consequent rapid economic growth. Japan-China economic relations have enlarged and deepened as the overall value of external trade between Japan and China, including that with Japan and Hong Kong, has overtaken that between Japan and the United States from 2004. Hence the importance of the Chinese economy and the Japan-China economic relationship in Japan's diplomacy with China has become increasingly high.
  3. Under such circumstances, it was decided to establish a Japan-China Economic Affairs Division, specializing in diplomatic policy on the Chinese economy and the Japan-China economic relations, such as the promotion of healthy development of the Japan-China economic relationship, the management trade and investment-related issues which are increasing, and the promotion of Japan-China cooperation in various economic fields.
  4. The Japan-China Economic Division will start with five staff members under Director Morio Matsumoto.

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