Exchange of Diplomatic Notes for Entry into Force of the Japan-Belgium Social Security Agreement

October 23, 2006

  1. Diplomatic notes for the entry into force of the Agreement between Japan and the Kingdom of Belgium on Social Security (Japan-Belgium Social Security Agreement, signed on February 23 (Wed), 2005) were exchanged on October 23 (Mon), Belgian time, in Brussels, between Mr. Shohei Naito, Japanese Ambassador to Belgium, and Mr. Karel De Gucht, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs. This Agreement will enter into force on January 1, 2007.
  2. It has been a pending issue between Japan and the Kingdom of Belgium that employees and others who are temporarily sent to the other country by corporations, etc. are obliged to join both the pension systems and health insurance systems of both countries, which imposes an economic burden on the corporations and their employees. It has also been an issue that such people who are temporarily sent from Belgium to Japan are ineligible to receive pensions, as their enrollment periods in the system of Japan fall short of the necessary duration. The Japan-Belgium Social Security Agreement is intended to solve these and other relevant issues, by adjusting the application of, in Japan, pension and health insurance systems, and in Belgium, systems of pension, health insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance and employment insurance, as well as establishing entitlement to benefits of those temporarily sent to the other country by adding together the period of coverage in the systems of both countries. By this Agreement, those sent for a period of five years or less will be in principle subject only to the pension and health insurance systems of the original country.
  3. It is expected that the entry into force of this Agreement will reduce the burden imposed on the corporations and employees and further promote human and economic exchanges between Japan and Belgium.

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