photo (Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura)

Statement by Mr. Nobutaka Machimura, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the Completion of Evacuation of Settlers from the Gaza Strip and Parts of the Northern West Bank

August 24, 2005

  1. Japan welcomes the successful completion of the evacuation of Israeli settlers from the Gaza Strip and parts of the northern West Bank ("the Gaza Strip, etc.") on August 23 and commends the courage and determination of the Government of Israel.
  2. Japan expects that both the Israeli and Palestinian sides will continue to exercise patience and restraint and keep making efforts to coordinate and cooperate closely towards resumption of the "Road Map".
  3. Japan hopes that the Palestinian Authority (PA) will strive to restore order in the Gaza Strip, etc. and demonstrate leadership in the reconstruction and stabilization of these areas. Japan will continue to strive for advancing the Middle East peace process proactively and to support the peace efforts of the parties concerned, including steady implementation of $100 million of assistance to the Palestinians.

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