Posting of Translations of Japanese Junior High School History Textbooks on Internet Website

August 23, 2005

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has commissioned a private company to have parts of its junior high school history textbooks dealing with Japan's modern history (eight textbooks in all), concerning Japan and neighboring countries, translated into the Chinese and Korean languages. These translations will be posted on the company's website on August 24 (Wed), and a link will be provided on the MOFA website to access the translations.
  2. Neighboring countries have begun to have increased interest in the content of the history textbooks used in Japanese junior high schools. Much of the discussion heard from these countries, however, is not based on accurate understanding of Japan's history textbooks. Publication under this project is intended to promote understanding by foreign countries of the real picture of Japan's history textbooks and history education, by introducing in translation what is actually written in its junior high school textbooks.
  3. English translations are slated to be posted on the website later. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also considering having remaining text of modern history textbooks translated in the future.

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