Emergency Aid to the Central African Republic for Flood Disaster

August 19, 2005

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to provide emergency assistance in kind (tents, sleeping mats, blankets, plastic sheets and plastic canteens) worth about 10.5 million yen to the Government of the Central African Republic, which sustained a major flood disaster.
  2. In the Central African Republic, torrential rains continuing from August 6th (Sat) to 7th (Sun) caused severe flooding. According to official and other reports, the flooding has afflicted about 8,000 people and forced more than 9,000 to take refuge. It is feared, moreover, that contaminated wells may spread infectious diseases.

    While extending assistance to the flood victims and working to assess the damage of the disaster, the Government of the Central African Republic requested emergency aid from the international community.
  3. In light of friendly relations between Japan and the Central African Republic and out of humanitarian considerations, the Government of Japan has decided to extend this emergency aid for the disaster-afflicted people of the country.

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