Grant Aid to the Republic of Honduras for the Project to Reconstruct Las Hormigas Bridge

August 17, 2005

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to extend grant aid of 499 million yen to the Government of the Republic of Honduras with a view to supporting its Project to Reconstruct Las Hormigas Bridge. Notes to this effect were exchanged on August 17 (Wed) in Tokyo between Mr. Nobutaka Machimura, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Mr. Mario Fortin Midence, Minister of Foreign Relations of Honduras.
  2. In Honduras, the international distribution flow for agricultural and fishery products has become active in recent years following the trend toward integration of the economies of Central America, and the improvement of the country's distribution routes has become indispensable and urgent to activation of its economy. To address this need, the Government of Honduras has formulated the Project to Develop Honduras Logistic Roads, a project to strengthen and improve national routes and provincial roads linked to production bases in Central American and world markets. However, on the national routes Highways 1 and 3, Agua Caliente Bridge lacks capacity to withstand load and Las Hormigas Bridge has only single lanes each way, and both are hampering improved distribution of goods. Under such circumstances, the Government of Honduras submitted to the Government of Japan a request for grant aid to provide the funds to reconstruct the Las Hormigas and Agua Caliente bridges.
  3. Implementation of this project is expected to improve the functioning of Highway No. 3, Honduras' main trunk road, and contribute to revitalizing its economy by ensuring stable delivery of goods and transportation of people.

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