Extension of Japan-Israel Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement

August 1, 2005

  1. An Exchange of Notes concerning the extension of the term of validity of the Agreement between the Government of Japan and the Government of the State of Israel took place on July 31 (Sun) in Jerusalem between Mr. Jun Yokota, Japanese Ambassador to Israel, and Mr. Silvan Shalom, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel.
  2. This Agreement, signed on December 12, 1994, between Mr. Yizhaq Rabin, late Prime Minister of Israel, and Mr. Tomiichi Murayama, then Prime Minister of Japan, while the former was visiting Japan, came into force on August 3, 1995. As the term of validity of the Agreement was about to come to an end in August 2000, both governments exchanged Notes to agree on the extension of the term of validity for another five years.
  3. As the five-year term of validity comes to an end on August 2 this year, the two governments consulted together and decided to extend the Agreement for another five years to further strengthen cooperative relations in science and technology.
  4. As Israel's science and technology stands at a high level in world terms, it is useful for the Government of Japan to strengthen relations in this field with the Government of Israel. It is therefore expected that the extension of the Agreement will further develop the friendly relations between Japan and Israel.

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