Statement by the Press Secretary/Director-General for Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, on the London Meeting on Supporting the Palestinian Authority

March 2, 2005

  1. Japan welcomes the fact that the Meeting on Supporting the Palestinian Authority was held in London on March 1st and that the mobilization of the support of the international community for the Palestinian Authority was agreed in the meeting.

  2. Japan considers this meeting as an important step to giving momentum for the advancement of the peace process through strengthening the Palestinian Authority and thus dispatched Mr. Ichiro Aisawa, Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, to the meeting, representing the Government of Japan. Japan highly appreciates the active role of Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom, who, as a chairperson of this meeting, took a strong initiative for the success of the meeting.

  3. In view of the existing historical opportunities to promote the peace process, Japan will seek its further involvement in the issue of the peace in the Middle East and play an active role for its resolution. Following the visit of Mr. Nobutaka Machimura, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, to Israel and the Palestinian Territories in January this year, Dr. Tatsuo Arima, the Special Envoy of the Government of Japan for the Middle East peace process, will visit the region from 5th to 7th March to encourage the senior leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority to make their further efforts towards the peace in the Middle East.

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