Assistance to Small Arms Database Project

November 9, 2005

  1. Through the United Nations trust fund on small arms and light weapons, to which Japan contributes, CASA (Coordinating Action on Small Arms) Database Project intended to establish a comprehensive database on small arms and light weapons (SALW) by the U.N. started in October. (Japan contributed U.S.$168,144 to this project.)
  2. It is expected that the project will collect wide-ranging information on SALW, not only country profiles, which include information on the present situation of illicit SALW trade, and how they are tackling them, but also on-the-ground projects information implemented by countries and international and other organizations. It is also expected that the project will make it possible to provide wide-ranging information for not only countries and the CASA members but general users via data access so that understanding of the SALW issue will be promoted and future on-the-ground projects will be more efficiently and effectively carried out.
  3. On October 15 (Sat), as a result of the survey report by a team dispatched in March through the Fund, the United Nations and the Government of Guinea-Bissau agreed to carry out a SALW project (U.S.$367,440) including activities such as collection of SALW, improvement of the regulatory framework and awareness raising campaign which will be financed by the Fund.

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