Visit by Minister for Foreign Affairs Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi to Mongolia

photo(President Natsagiin Bagabandi and Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi) photo(Prime Minister Tsakhiagiin Elbegdor and Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi) photo(Foreign Minister Luvsangiin Erenechuluun and Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi)

September 2, 2004

1. Outline

(1) Minister for Foreign Affairs Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi is visiting Mongolia from August 31 (Tue) to September 2 (Thu), immediately after her visit to four Central Asian countries.

(2) In the morning of September 1, Foreign Minister Kawaguchi paid a courtesy call on President Natsagiin Bagabandi and Prime Minister Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj. She also held a Foreign Ministerial Meeting with Foreign Minister Luvsangiin Erenechuluun.

(3) In the afternoon, Ms. Kawaguchi delivered a speech on Japan-Mongolia relations at the National University of Mongolia.

(4) In the afternoon of September 1, Ms. Kawaguchi laid a wreath at the Monument to the Japanese.

2. Outline of the Talks

(1) At meetings between Foreign Minister Kawaguchi and key members of the Government of Mongolia, Ms. Kawaguchi praised Mongolia's efforts so far for democratization and a market economy. The Mongolian side stated that its external policy would remain the same under the new administration and that it would continue to regard relations between Mongolia and Japan as important by putting priority on them. Both sides then reconfirmed that they would further strengthen the existing strong and comprehensive partnership between the two countries.

(2) The Mongolian side reiterated its appreciation and gratitude for the economic assistance that Japan has been providing since 1990, which amounts to more than half of the assistance that Mongolia receives from foreign countries, and for the Japanese cooperation which covers all fields, saying that it played a decisive role in promoting democratization and the process to a market economy in Mongolia.

(3) This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Cultural Exchange Agreement between Japan and Mongolia, and the two sides exchanged opinions on cooperation for cultural exchange. The Mongolian side pointed out the importance of exchange at the human level. Japanese side pledged cultural cooperation comprising the provision of research materials for the Paleontology Center of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and, for the preservation of morinkhuur music, 150,000 U.S. dollars from UNESCO Japan Funds-in-Trust for the Preservation and Promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

(4) The Mongolian side provided personal information on 10,100 Japanese detained in Mongolia after the war, for which Foreign Minister Kawaguchi expressed appreciation, and asked the Mongolian side to continue the necessary investigations. The Mongolian side promised that it would.

3. Speech at the National University of Mongolia

photo (Speech)

(1) Ms. Kawaguchi delivered a speech titled, "Japan and Mongolia: Past, Present and Future" at the National University of Mongolia. In her speech, the Foreign Minister reflected on relations between Japan and Mongolia, outlined the present situation and stated that mutual understanding was important, including cultural understanding, to build Japan-Mongolia relations in wide-ranging areas.

(2) Before her speech, Foreign Minister Kawaguchi received an honorary doctorate from the National University of Mongolia.


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