Assistance for Supporting "Every Child Has a Right to Grow up in a Family Environment" Project in Central Asian Republics

August 20, 2004

  1. On August 20 (Friday), the Government of Japan and the United Nations (UN) decided to extend assistance of a total of 2,160,000 US dollars (approximately 235 million yen) through the Trust Fund for Human Security for the program "Every Child Has a Right to Grow up in a Family Environment" Providing Alternative Care Arrangements for Children Without Family Care to be implemented by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

  2. In the Central Asian countries, since the time of the former USSR, poverty compelled many families to leave children in care of institutions. There are still approximately 200,000 children being raised in institutions because of the difficult economic situation in these countries.
    This program aims to establish a family- and child-focused social care system and provide alternative forms of care, e.g. guardianship, domestic adoption and foster care, for children deprived of familial care.

    The activities included in this project are as follows:
    (1) Assessment and analysis of current situation and designing of concept for pilo community-based child and family social work services;
    (2) Advocacy, sensitization and mobilization of professionals/experts;
    (3) Capacity building of professionals dealing with children and families in need and at risk;
    (4) Establishing pilot community-based child and family social work centers;
    (5) Promotion and piloting of foster care at the community level.

  3. This project is expected to promote healthy development of children through introducing a family environment for child care as well as contributing to wellbeing and stability in the Central Asian countries.

Japan established the Trust Fund for Human Security in the United Nations Secretariat in March 1999, with total contributions of 25.9 billion yen (approximately US$ 227 million) up to the present. The Trust Fund has assisted more than 100 projects of UN agencies that address various threats against human life, livelihood and dignity, from the perspective of Human Security.


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