Grassroots Human Security Grant Aid to Iraq (Governorate of Al-Muthanna including Samawah)

August 13, 2004

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to extend a grassroots human security grant aid of about $430,000 (about 47.3 million yen) in total for the Al-Muthanna TV Station based in Samawah, Governorate of Al-Muthanna in the southern part of Iraq, which broadcasts programs throughout the Governorate.

  2. At present, many residents in the Governorate of Al-Muthanna rely on the Al-Muthanna TV Station for important information necessary for their daily life. As a public TV station, it plays a significant role in presenting ideas, developments and trends from the authorities including the Governor. The station also reports on measures in such fields as security, water supply, public health, hygiene and basic education, the major issues in the area, including humanitarian reconstruction assistance activities of the Government of Japan.

  3. After consulting with the Al-Muthanna TV Station, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, formulated the Project for Improvement of Broadcasting Equipment of Al-Muthanna TV Station to provide filming equipment such as cameras and editing and broadcasting equipment for the station.

  4. The project is expected to improve the station's broadcasting technology, thereby enabling the provision of high quality information to the residents in the Governorate of Al-Muthanna as a whole, and it will also serve to publicize Japan's assistance to Iraq.

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