Emergency Grant Aid to Afghanistan for Project for Improvement of the Equipment for Kandahar Police

March 22, 2004

  1. On March 19 (Fri), the Government of Japan decided to extend an emergency grant aid of about 112 million yen to the Transitional Administration of Afghanistan with a view to assisting the Project for Improvement of the Equipment for Kandahar Police.

  2. Since elections to launch a permanent administration are scheduled for June this year, Afghanistan's peace process is now at the critical stage, and stabilization of the security order is the most important agenda. The police force in Kandahar Province, a priority area of Japan's assistance to Afghanistan, has insufficient means of transportation and communications which are making it difficult to effectively ensure security. Taking into account this situation, Japan has decided to provide police cars and communications equipment.

  3. Japan is promoting Afghanistan's "consolidation of peace" through assistance for the political process, improvement of security and reconstruction. Japan is of the view that it is important to promote Afghan people's support for the peace process by expanding assistance to various regions. Through this assistance, the Kandahar police force will enhance its capability and scope of activities by having sufficient means of transportation and communications. It will help to stabilize security in Kandahar Province, and promote the safety of assistance personnel of Japan and other donor countries. Japan decided this emergency grant aid because of this importance.


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