Cooperation for the High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change Established by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan

March 19, 2004

  1. On March 17, the Government of Japan notified the United Nations of its decision to contribute one million dollars for the operational expenses of the High-Level Panel established by Mr. Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General.

  2. Led by the establishment of the High-Level Panel through the initiative of Secretary-General Annan, the momentum of the Security Council reform has been growing. Japan supports Secretary-General Annan's initiative and intends to extend as much cooperation as possible to the activities of the Panel, with a view to early realization of the Security Council reform, using the Panel's report which will be submitted at the end of 2004 as a trigger. Japan has decided on this financial cooperation, based on the talks Secretary-General held with Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi during his visit to Japan last month.

  3. It is expected that this financial cooperation will lead to further progress with the U.N. reform including the reform of the Security Council.

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