Economic Cooperation Project for the Reconstruction of Iraq

October 12, 2004

In October 2003, Japan announced that it would provide Iraq with grant assistance totaling US$1.5 billion for the immediate reconstruction needs of that country. As part of the aid, Japan decided on October 12 (Tue) to implement the following new projects totaling 15.8 billion yen. This makes about US$ 1.3 billion out of the US$ 1.5 billion disbursed or decided.

  1. Project for Rehabilitation of Three General Hospitals in the Central Region of Iraq (Ministry of Health)
    This project is to provide medical supplies and facility repairs for three hospitals in Baghdad, Kut and Amarah out of the "13 Hospitals," built by Japanese companies, for which medical supplies were provided by Japan's ODA loans. Concerning the 13 Hospitals, Japan decided in March this year to provide assistance for four hospitals in the south (Samawaha, Nasiriyah, Najaf and Diwaniyah) and in June for as many hospitals (Kirkuk, Arbil, Mosul and Dahuk) in the north.

  2. Project for Improvement of Trunk Communications Network (Ministry of Communications)
    This project is intended to enable mutual communications between local areas within Iraq by restoring the trunk communications network connecting south and north, which has not been functioning because the fiber cables were cut and facilities of the analog microwave system were either destroyed or worn out.

  3. Project for Improvement of Transit Switches (Ministry of Communications)
    This project is to rehabilitate telephone services in major cities by updating 10 transit switches which are not functioning, and to enable communications between these cities by connecting the switches to the trunk communications network.

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