Assistance in Kind for Sudanese Refugees in Chad

October 5, 2004

  1. Considering the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Darfur region in western Sudan, Japan has decided, in response to the request of the UNHCR, to provide in-kind assistance of 700 tents, which can accommodate 7000 persons, for the Sudanese refugees in Chad. The tents will be transported by a charter flight from Narita to N'djamena, capital of Chad, where the UNHCR will receive the tents. The decision was made today during the Cabinet meeting.

  2. The government of Japan strongly believes that this humanitarian assistance of providing emergency supplies, based on the International Peace Cooperation Law, will help improve the living conditions of the refugees, contributing to peace and security in the region. The tents to be provided are from the Humanitarian Relief Stockpile of the International Peace Cooperation Headquarters of the Cabinet Office.


  1. Japan sent a survey mission this past May to Chad. Based on this survey, Japan has already decided, in response to the UN consolidated appeal and the G8 declaration, to provide humanitarian emergency assistance such as food and medicine in the amount of $6 million at first and an additional $15 million, the total assistance amounting to $21 million. In September, the government dispatched Mr. Keitaro Sato, Ambassador in charge of Conflict and Refugee-Related Issues in Africa, to the region as a member of the UNHCR donor mission to Chad/Sudan led by Mr. Ruud Lubbers, UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

  2. UNHCR has been implementing refugee assistance mainly in Chad. After the start of the dry season in October, it is necessary to put up additional tents for a hundred thousand refugees. Tents are one of the most urgently required items in the field.

  3. The method of transportation of the tents is airlift by a charter flight (Antonov 124). The flight leaves Japan on October 5 and arrives at N'Djamena, Chad, on October 7.

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